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Learn from these remarkable heart-centered women from across the fields of personal transformation, health and wellness, education and how to sustain oneness as a way of life.

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Kristen Darcey

Children have always been Kristen's passion.  She knew at an early age that she wanted to be an early childhood educator and a mother. For the ten years after receiving her Early Childhood Teaching degree, she opened and ran her own learning center with 51 children each day and an amazing staff of 20+ women.

Though she was happy and fulfilled in her work life, her personal life took a twisty turn, when she found that her husband at the time and she were labeled ‘infertile.’  What so many other women/men and couples can do without a conscious thought, procreate, seemed illusive for her.

After an ectopic pregnancy that almost took her life, she pledged herself to God to help other women and couples experiencing a similar journey.  Her focus was “sharing what she knows now that she wishes she knew then” and she created systems to help each of us begin to understand our innate wholeness of the mind, body and soul, in a way that is personal and powerfully transforming.

Now years later, still with my concentration on children and families, she is addressing the staggering statistic of divorce. The same inner balance and resilience she built on her journey with infertility, now is parlayed to help others on the divorce journey as well.

When we focus on inner resilience and grace, we can help ourselves and our families heal and make it to the other side.

Kristen Darcey

Fertility Coach and Sacred Divorce Guide: Honoring of All


Rev. Laura Jackson is a speaker, author, consultant, soul coach and musician.  Through her company, Soul Action, she provides insights about our changing times and reveals opportunities for thriving in this “New Age.”  Her mission is helping humanity, one person at a time, adapt to the powerful times in which we live and successfully step into their soul passion and divine service.

Rev Laura Jackson

Speaker, Musician, Consultant: New Business Paradigm




Lucy Cartwright

Having experienced many rolls in this lifetime such as daughter, sister, wife, mother, manager, listener, facilitator, Lucy Cartwright has found her  joy as a traveler, creator, explorer, sound healer and channel of light.

Lucy Cartwright

Explorer, Creator: Wanting for Nothing, Filling the Void


Hayat Bain

Love and compassion are woven throughout Hayat's healing and wellness arts, her gathering in of community and her musical creativity.  One listener describes feeling the sun shining on him when he hears her flute, and another shared feeling love flowing through her voice and gentle, peaceful, healing presence.  Hayat is a holistic advanced practice nurse, an ordained interfaith minister, a transformational musician and sound healer and a certified leader of the Dances of Universal Peace.  She has a history of holding many paid and volunteer leadership and management roles in a variety of fields over the course of her adult life, and it is her joy to bring a heart-centered consciousness to such roles.  Most recently, she has been developing Mandalas of Life, LLC as a vehicle for offering her unique tapestry of skills and abilities to others.

Hayat Bain

Mandalas of Musician and Life Coach: From Mind to Heart


Jannette Martin is a life long learner. As an educator and early learning reading specialist, she has expanded her awareness out into the world of metaphysics having taken a specific interest in intuition, crystals, the use of essential oils and herbs to enhance health and wellbeing. She is an avid practitioners of LtM for opening her heart to embrace positive change. She is a member of the Sustainable Oneness Council.

Jannette Martin

Educator and Metaphysician: From Religion to Oneness.


Sheryl Didyk

Ask Sheryl how she lives her life and she'll give you a very simple answer. Trust. Trust in Spirit. Trust your heart, and know that all is well. Her life is a perfect example of such. She moves about the world doing the work of Spirit on a need to know basis. She is a master at taking that most immediate next step, the step that calls her to trek solo across the country or show up to support others on their quest to fulfill their heart's desire. Sheryl exemplifies total trust mode. Listen carefully as she shares the most essential key element of living from the heart.

Sheryl Didyk

Grid Activator: Trust and Sacred Relationships

P_BonniePridgenwBonnie Pridgen

Bonnie is an early childhood educator with a passion for helping young children to live empowered lives. She schools the parents as much as the children in what it means to live from the heart. Bonnie is a life-long learner. She has taken classes through the Landmark Forum, an LtM practitioner and member of the Council. She is also an energy healer, oneness blessing giver,  psychic surgeon and empathic intuitive. After she healed herself from childhood trauma that extended into her adulthood, her greatest joy has been to offer healing to her family, one family member at a time.

Bonnie Pridgen

Healer and Child Advocate: When I Met God

P_AnettewAnette Stjärnhjärta

Anette is The Alchemist, which powerfully combines spiritual guidance and intuition with nuts and bolts training for conscious single women.
Her coaching and training program, “Magnetize Mr. Right within 6 months”, works like magic and have helped 75% of her clients, who’s love life had frozen to ice, to be able to attract and  live happily ever after with their perfect life partner.
Anette’s mission is to guide women to activate their own feminine super-power. The ultimate goal is that women, men and will live in love and peace with each other.

Anette Stjärnhjärta

Relationship Coach and Healer: The Divine Feminine

P_KatherineParkerKatherine Parker

Kathryn is the founder and developer of the Resonance Alchemy system of healing and personal growth. The fields of holistic health and transpersonal psychology have been both her passion and her profession for over 20 years. Before Resonance Alchemy came into her life she had maintained a private practice for 10 years in Denver Colorado as a certified massage therapist, psychotherapist and astrological counselor.

She began to receive the Resonance Alchemy system through a process of direct spiritual guidance. Over time she used her own knowledge to develop and refine the information she received.  The results have been profound, even lifesaving, and beyond anything else she had previously experienced from any other healing method.

Katherine Parker

Creator of Resonance Alchemy: Discovering the Path of the Alchemist

Dorisse_052016Dorisse Dorisse is a Registered Nurse, Herbalist, Mother, Grandmother, Author, Performing Artist, Respiratory, Movement and Buteyko Breathing Educator. She has been teaching people of all ages about natural health for over 38 years. Her travels and studies of dance, spirituality and healing traditions from around the world infuse her work with foundations in the ancient Wise Woman Tradition. She is a visionary on a mission to teach children and other humans how to embrace Wellness and weave it into the fabric of their lives via the Power of Breath. I was born a sacred revolutionary and am a proud Green Witch who trusts in the ever present help of the spiritual world, and carries a stubbornly optimistic belief that truth and goodness will prevail.


BreathDance Facilitator: Wellness Through Breathing


Madge Piro

Madge is an attorney, student teacher, Donna Eden Energy practitioner, grid activator and mother of two beautiful children she adopted from China. Her passion and her total joy is to be a Mom.

Madge Piro

Grid Activator: The Fine Art of Trusting Your Heart.


Deborah Harrison

Deborah Harrison was raised in a Catholic African American family at the beginning of social, cultural and racial integration. Her parents' belief in the existence of God's undying Love, the power of education and civic mindedness gave her a foundation for understanding the importance of compassion and collaboration as key elements in building loving relationships and stable communities. A deep interest in nature, the healing arts and writing, along with sharing practical tools for personal transformation, fuel a commitment of service to humanity for positive growth in consciousness.

Deborah Harrison

Compassion and Collaboration in Community


Ashera Rose

Ashera describes herself as a soul awakening to her divine potential every day, and her goal is to contribute to the awakening and well-being of all.   She is a participant and Vision Holder in new paradigm community, specifically the Anahata Community in southwest Virginia, an educator and mentor in peace studies, retreat and workshop facilitator, Writer-Publisher, mentor and teacher of Dances of Universal Peace, healing arts Practitioner (Reiki, Qi Gong & Sound Healing), life coach using the connection practice, NVC/compassionate communication & other modalities. She is an interfaith minister and celebrant of life passages and rituals, program manager and eventer, child, family and intergenerational community specialist, mother of three daughters, grandmother and fairy godmother to many!

Ashera Rose

Visionholder: Awakening to Your Divine Potential


Lynda Allen

Lynda Allen is a spiritual evolutionary, helping hearts to shift through sharing the story of her own evolution as a spiritual being. Lynda speaks to other’s hearts through the writings, words and images with which Spirit fills the chalice of her heart. She is the author of two collections of poetry, Rest in the Knowing and Illumine, a novel, Sight to See and her new nonfiction book, The Rules of Creation.

Lynda Allen

Writer, Poet: Communicating with Nature

Sabine300w Sabine Kvenburg

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Sabine Kvenberg, is an Entrepreneur, Business Owner,  Author, Singer/Songwriter, Coach and Inspirational Speaker. She has appeared on European stages and TV as both an actress and a Musical Performer. In 1994 she relocated to the United States, where she, together with her husband, established M&S Studio of the Performing Arts.  Sabine has helped many aspiring actors, singers and dancers launch their career in the entertainment industry.  Today she is coaching not only aspiring actors and musical performers, but people from all walks of life.
She authored two books: Secrets on How to Succeed in Show Biz, a practical workbook for the future star, and Unlock Your Full Potential – 10 Easy  Steps That Help You Live The Life You Imagine.

In 2004 Sabine received the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. Sabine is a Distinguished Toastmaster and has received several communication and leadership awards from Toastmasters International.

For the past years she has been coaching and speaking for groups and organizations across the United States sharing her message and inspirational music.

Sabine Kvenberg

Transformational Coach, Author, Musician: How I Discovered My Passion


Christine Capshew

Christine has felt a strong dedication to creating a world where everyone has a sense of belonging, where every voice is heard an honored, and the respect for our divine essence is the way we live and make choices in this world. She has lived this mission out in her every day practice as a licensed clinical social worker, energy worker and ordained interfaith minister.

Christine has had the honor of standing next to many individuals, couples and families who have somehow lost their way and have disconnected from the truth of who they are. It is her joy to empower individuals to overcome challenges while simultaneously attain the needed skills and resources to support themselves and live into their full potential. On a more global level, she enjoys joining with congregations to provide messages inspiring them to align their consciousness to the vibration of Love, trusting that as they honor themselves they will make choices that are right and best for all. Although this is not a message that people often hear, it is a message that is important to repeat, because our work here is to allow our Light to magnify into the world.

Christine Capshew

New Systems Guide: Finding Your Voice



Debra Mayer

Debra Mayer is a certified Nondual Kabbalistic Healer and Economist who carries the wisdom and healing power of Kabbalah with her wherever she goes.  As an industry economist now in service in the Federal Government, Debra has a passion for creating new spaces that awaken our wellbeing and wholeness whether at work or at home.  She loves building structures that allow for deeper wisdom to emerge – the wisdom of our true selves – for manifesting our full potential.  Debra is currently works in DC creating new pathways for both individual and business community healing. She has an intuitive knowledge of relationships and is able to bring this knowledge to provide healing in the workplace for herself and the larger community.

Debra Mayer

Kabalistic Healer and Economist: Nondual Living / Embracing it All

LtMS_JuliaMarano300swJulia Marano

For as long as Julia  can remember she has always felt and used an inner voice and core as her personal guide.  One day, a thought came into this core that every manifestation in the multiverse exists to expand the experience and awareness of the One. The thought rang true into her core and has held true since. This premise undeniably establishes the connections of all things. For over thirty years Julia's work has focused on the connections of all things in Earth’s physical realm mostly initiating and developing organizations, projects and programs on the national, state, and local level including: “Community Groves” project for Alliance for Community Trees; “Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful” as state affiliate of national “Keep American Beautiful, Inc”; “Friends of Shikellamy State Park” as local group of PA Parks and Forest Foundation.

Julia Marano

Visionary: The Revelation that Changed My Life, Connecting to the Trees

MariannTildon300Mariann Tildon

Mariann Tilton is registered nurse by profession, but over time, she became disenchanted with the impersonal approach of Western medicine and the way people are often treated as other than whole beings. In her search for alternatives she studied many energy healing modalities including nutrition, Chinese medicine, Tai Chi, Yoga and Reiki. After all her studies, she became a Reiki Master, practitioner of Matrix Energetics and Reconnective Healing and a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator.
After moving to London, she became a Certified Tantric Massage Practitioner and successfully completed her Tantric Teachers Training course at Tantric Journey School of Healing and Awakening. She enjoys encouraging people to find ways to express themselves and step out of their comfort zone to discover their passion. She teaches a variety of classes that assist people in loving and accepting themselves, to became less judgmental towards themselves and others, building their self esteem and helping them to be comfortable and confident about their body and sexuality.

Marianne Tilton

Healer & Student of Sacred Sexuality: How Can Life Get Any Better Than This?

Your Hostess for the LtM Summit

Carol Fitzpatrick

Creator of Living the Miracle Summit, Education and Global Network

Welcome to Living the Miracle: We Are One, a spirit guided experience where dramatic healing and profound transform takes place. The LtM educational and peer supported network has blossomed into a growing light community.  I'm delighted and humbled to share some of the most essential tools with you through the interviews I did with some of the most authentic heart-centered people, both LtMers and other beautiful souls I have met along the path of life.

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You've missed the live portion of the Summit but you can still receive all the benefit from these remarkable women.

The Summit takes place over seven days and is absolutely free. You don’t want to miss it!

If you are ready to let go of the story and drop the struggle, you'll get insights and practical information you can use in your life right away. Learn how to reconnect to your heart and rediscover your joy. Learn to trust your heart to remember joy and raise the vibration of humanity.

What you’ll learn:

  • Your Open Heart is Where You Find Joy

    Learn how to open and stay connected to the wisdom of your heart, make healthy decisions and stay true to yourself.

  • How to Quiet the Inner Conflict and Honor Your Intuition

    How to totally trust that quiet still voice inside and stay true to yourself.

  • How to Ignite Your Passion and Discover Your Calling

    How to find your passion as it is the key to fulfilling your purpose.

  • Discover How Everything Is Connected

    The link between body, mind, heart, spirit, environment—and the key to the ultimate transformation.

  • The Power of the Heart to Support the Children

    How to understand and honor the children and their desire to be supported and heard.

  • The Role of Nature in Healing

    Learn ways to reconnect with nature, and why it’s essential for your health.

  • Powerful Tools for Transforming Your Life

    There’s no better way to learn than through the lens of other’s life experiences. Learn how to sing the tune of your own empowered heart.

  • Joining Community Completes the Circle

    When you are ready to make a change in your life finding that special someone who can listen but not jump into your story is the key. Just one clear hearted friend can lead you to ultimately land into a larger circle of friends. Supportive community is the key.

  • Energetically, Emotionall and Physically Support Your Body

    Learn simple breathing techniques, meditation, sacred movement and healing modalities to boost energy and vitality, restore balance, reduce stress, improve sleep and increase well-being.

  • Know Who You Are

    Knowing who you are: Light expressing as Human, in the clearest sense of the word helps you to sort through all the conflicting voices and clarifies how to discern that still quiet voice within you.

  • ... and much more

    These 20 new paradigm leaders share from their hearts. Their stories and their solutions to living from the heart provide you with tools to navigate the confusion of this very mind-based world and to discover the way to deeper peace, more loving relationships and more joyful life.

This Online Summit is for you if:

  • You are ready to end the struggle and start being true to yourself
  • You’re looking for practical tools for igniting your passion for life
  • You want to improve your health and raise your frequency to stay well, naturally
  • You are ready for a body/mind/spirit to propel you into the next stage of your life
  • You would love to live a life of meaning, purpose, passion, and vibrant health while sharing your gifts with others
  • You are looking for a deeper connection in relationship and community
  • You are ready for a positive uplifting change in your lfe
  • Connect with Light Hearted Souls in Community

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