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The Online SUMMIT is available free of charge and if you miss a broadcast, the replays are available for 24 hours.

Thank you much for joining us. It was a labor of love. If you missed any part of the Summit or would like to gain access to all the interviews, you can gain access to the full package now and listen back at your own pace including special bonuses. You'll also receive free offerings from the Summit Speakers.

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If you are ready to end the struggle and empower your heart to show you another way. You have a deep spiritual connection and hold a desire to be supported in heart-centered community. You have humility yet have strength within you and are ready to fulfill your life's purpose. Just hearing others' aha moments will help you get there.

Enjoy them on your computer or any of your portable devices.

  • Gain the knowledge and practical insights from people who have transformed their lives
  • Live from a place of connection and inspired action
  • Miss some of the presentations
  • Want to listen again (and again!) to your favorites

The audio package is designed to afford you the time to listen back when you are free. These twenty women are committed to serving the world, and you'll find their special offerings in the Love All. Serve All. Community portal when you purchase the SUMMIT package today.

Your SUMMIT! Package gives you instant access to mp3 audio downloads of ALL the ONLINE SUMMIT presentations and bonus calls.

Enjoy them on your computer or any of your portable devices.

Your SUMMIT! Package gives you instant access to mp3 audio downloads of ALL the ONLINE SUMMIT presentations and bonuses.

Enjoy them on your computer or any of your portable devices.

Explore the Additional Bonuses...

Order today while these interviews are airing and receive valuable bonuses at no extra cost... including special offerings by the speakers such as free coaching sessions, healing sounds, and music.

5) Bonus Offerings from these Remarkable Women

(From their heart to yours)

You'll find these remarkable practitioners AND their free Summit Offerings announced during the Summit on their special day when their interviews run and as a part of the larger bonus package included with the purchase of the audio package. Speaker Bonuses include:

Kristin Darcy (day 1): Divorcing with Grace (mp3)
Jannette Martin
(day 2): Angel Card Reading
Hayat Bain (day 2): Music from the Heart CD
Anette Stjärnhjärta (day 3): A Finding Mr. Right consult
Katherine Parker (day 4): Guided Meditation (mp3)
Ashera Rose (day 5): Spiritual Healing Session
Lynda Allen (day 5): Free chapter of new book Rules of Creation
Sabine Kvenberg (day 6): Uncover Your Full Potential (e-book)
Julia Marano (day 7): The Monarch Butterfly Project
Mariann Tilton
(day 7): Access Consciousness Video
...and more offerings inside the free LtM member portal.


1) Here Is Bonus Number One.

(Live Post Summit Community Call with Selected Speakers)

Join a live interactive call with Carol Fitzpatrick as she is joined by some of your favorite speakers at the close of the Summit. Receive guidance, healing and be inspired as you interact with them in real time.

2) Here Is Bonus Number Two.

(A Sampling of the Light Activation)

A clarion call went out to Star Walkers and 22 showed up, 22 souls of utmost purity of heart, to amplify and bring into being a star-birthing of unprecedented joy. A whole system of beings from ascended realms entered the earth realm at that time, with the purpose of introducing star technologies for the upliftment of the new human race. The vibrational footprint of that event is stamped into the fabric of this music; another leap forward in our continual adherence of bringing the New into the earth realm of consciousness.

3) Here Is Bonus Number Three

(Excerpt: Crystal Bowl Healing for Opening the Heart)

Heavenly Mountain in Boone, NC, is an energetic broadcast station of global scope. The positive vibrations that are generated on and emanate from this mountain have a staggering effect on the planet. It is the first of 32 Light Centers.  The Healing Sound from this recording is from the retreat We Are One, and includes the clear crystal handheld bowls of Kathryn Ashera Rose, and performed by her, Carol Fitzpatrick, Hayat Bain and Mark Torgeson. Use this sound to travel deep, to clear unwanted vibratory patterns in your energy system, and to attune to your light body.

4) Here Is Bonus Number Four

(Excerpt: The Music of Transformation)

Music from the first retreat at Heavenly Mountain, Boone NC, featuring Hayat Bain on flute and Native American flute, Laura Jackson on flute, and Mark Torgeson on keyboards. Use this music to attune to the high vibrations of this mountain and the gathering of devoted lightworkers amplifying light and the vibration of Oneness across the planet.

Continue the Conversation. Be Supported in Community.

Join future webcasts and community support calls around topics of your choosing.

The biggest bonus of all is to find your Light Tribe, individuals, including the presenters where you can freely access their content, courses and be supported the LtM Community. It's the place to share your hopes, dreams and your desires in a loving, supportive global environment. This is where you will personally meet and interact with  and continue to stay in touch with the LtM Summit Speakers. Join Free Community Check-in Calls, Speaker in-depth video calls, and special events announcements.

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